The Journal

  • 2020 Alignment Holiday Pop- Up Shop

    Join us at our Holiday Pop-Up Shop, where we will be Dropping our newest collection “Alignment” and features some of our favorite female brands
  • New Song, New Dance

    The 7th entry of the the “Solidarity Story” show how people express themselves in different ways. We introduce performing artist Rachel Watson-Jih, the Founder and Artistic Director of Blue Morph Collective.
  • A Voice of Self-Love, Healing and Expression

    The 6th entry of the the “Solidarity Story” is about the spoken poetry of Mel Chante. Author of Brown Butter, she aims to express through her experiences as a Black woman, healing through grief and affirming self love.
  • Art is; Real, Surreal, Impossible and Reachable

    The 5th entry of the the “Solidarity Story” is about art through Jenna Josepher’s eyes. We wanted to introduce the Tribe to an ally who makes and creates through diversity in things and people.
  • What’s on Your Mind?

    Entry No 4. of the the “Solidarity Story” is focused on Mental health, an essential and often overlooked part of the community. We decided to introduce, promote, and talk to '“What’s on your Mind?” Theresa Alphonse to speak on the importance of mental health with the Tribe.

    Entry No 3. of the the “Solidarity Story” is author and our dear friend Nafisa Abulhasan. Sharing an original piece of about ‘Black’ as a term used to define and a body of people.
  • " The Power of Positivity and Authenticity"

    Entry No 2. of the the “Solidarity Story” where we highlight 'Dreamers' in the Tribe empowering and building our community. This Month’s Feature Lisa Francoeur of FancyFied. Here she speaks on The Power of Positivity & Authenticity.
  • I Spy Tribes In TeaMarrr's One Job Video <3

    Tribes feauted in TeaMarrr’s “One Job” music video <3
  • "Unity Makes Strength"

    Globally renowned DJ, Producer, Entrepreneur and Artivist Sabine Blaizin’s "Sol·i·dar·i·ty Story”.
  • "You Inspired Me!"

    Check-out the video montage @Marcia_Creates created reflecting the Tribe during #COVID & #BLACKLIVESMATTER.
  • "I Create To Process "

    Marcia talks on creating as means to process her experience through COVID and #BLACKLIVESMATTER.
  • "Choose Your Lens "

    Shared lessons from a six-year-old girl’s experience living in Haiti! Get excited as our founder Marcia shares her main takeaways from her talk at the Hub Dot NYC launch.