A Voice of Self-Love, Healing and Expression

As long as you have breath, reach. - Words my father wrote to me in my graduation card. They never leave me.



Mel Chanté is a world-traveling poet, creator of wellness platform and podcast Vow to Self and author of Brown Butter, a collection of poems on being a Black woman, healing through grief and affirming self love.

Mel has been sharing spoken word poetry on stages across the U.S. and Europe, in major cities like Boston, New York City, Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, London, Berlin, Copenhagen and more.

What does your work aim to create in the world?

The intent behind my work is to inspire self-love, healing and expression, listening to our inner voices and believing in our ideas enough to act on them no matter how big or small they may seem. I believe we are all influencers and have the power to change the world around us starting with ourselves.

Why did you choose poetry as your form of art?

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I believe our gifts choose us and are in alignment with our purpose. My father was a poet, so at a young age I found myself in my own world with a pen and paper. Words have always been a way for me to heal, reflect and create. Once I began sharing the things I wrote to myself, I saw how much of an impact it had on others. It added to my motivation and sense of purpose.

As a black woman how have you been influenced or shifted by the oppression of black and brown communities globally?

A lot of my poetry stems from being a Black woman, and the things I've witnessed, heard passed down, experienced or felt living in America. It influences me to write for my ancestors and those whose voices were silenced or taken away. I used to hold back performing certain poems about race in front of white audiences, but more and more I'm learning how much of a positive effect we have by honoring our truths, expressing our stories and using our voices to speak for those who can't.

We’d love the tribe to see more of you! What can we expect?

I have a new single out now - POWER out now on all platforms. I also wrote a book called “BROWN BUTTER”. You can also listen to SHADES below to get a preview of my art.

'Shades' out now on all music outlets: http://bit.ly/ShadesMelChanté Written + Performed by: Mel Chanté Director + Filmmaker: Timothy Smith Creative Directio...


Instagram: @melchante | Link.tree: Mel Chanté

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