Art is; Real, Surreal, Impossible and Reachable

“New York City is dead” at least that’s what we’ve heard in the past months, but Jenna Josepher is a prime example of how alive New York truly is. This New York based artist shows us art through new spectrums on tribe gives us a new way to see beauty.



I am a New York based director, designer, artist and contributor. I use a wide variety of materials to explore the crossroads of gender, anatomy, geometry, and color. No medium is off limits. Previously an Associate Creative Director for The New York Times, I am currently the Creative Director for Function of Beauty. I also direct music videos, photo stories, and experiment with visual storytelling of all kinds.

Why did you choose this way to show your art?

I supposed this is just what feels most natural to me. I'm not sure I had much of a choice in the matter—it's either make art or lose myself.

This made us think; How many people resonate with this? Like, the art they create is like breathing, something necessary, unrelinquishable. How many don’t realize that it’s the lack of creating that makes it hard to breathe?

How has the work you create been influenced or shifted by the oppression of black and brown communities globally?


As a white image-maker, representation, payment, inclusion, and an open dialogue for creative input are always on my mind. I work with a team of people who aim to build equity and make creative spaces where black, brown, and nonbinary people are heard, valued, and aren’t reduced to muses. This can be seen through the profession of my work, while I play with gender and color, I try to bring every color and every gender into the art. So many black and brown creatives are overlooked and underpaid but by actively acknowledging this bias and working to improve both the representation and the inclusion, my art becomes multifaceted.

What is your personal mantra? What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think "Sol·i·dar·i·ty" ?

I believe art has the special ability to transcend political and social boundaries in a way that other media doesn’t. I keep that idea with me when I work.When I think of solidarity, whether it be with people or my art I often think of the Tony Cade Bambara's quote, "The role of the artist is to make the revolution irresistible." Artists have often been the vice of the silent, the pistol to revolutions and I aim to be an ally to revolutions even, and especially when they are not my own.

We’d love the tribe to see more of you! Can you share some projects with us?

The latest project that can be seen on my website is MEG FOR WOMEN BY WOMEN, a staunchly feminist brand whose rally cries aren't just written on their clothing, they're inherently designed into each piece.



Workingnotworking: JENNA | Website: Jenna Jospeher | Behance: JENNA |Instagram: @deejennarate

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