Black pen

Black ink 

White paper 

Blank slate 

Black masterpiece 

Black background brings out the painted signs on the concrete 

Preschool mentality called the color of a crayon the color of a human being 

Then colored the concrete with red blood from black bodies  

Limited perspective can’t see past the binary

Created on a spectrum 

Social constructs won’t define we 

Teach us to love ourselves beyond our intersectionality 

To push past red tape and glass ceilings 

Freedom lives in our soul, fuck the hands of the elite

by Nafisa Abulhasan

Entry No 3. of the the “Solidarity Story” is author and our dear friend Nafisa Abulhasan. She shares a piece of work she created about ‘Black’ as a term used to define origin and a bit on her story!



I was born and raised in New York. I have weathered many storms in my life. The pages of my journals tell the stories of my internal challenges. I am an aspiring author and my work is a testament to my lived experience as a black woman facing oppression and the many burdens black women face. I share my story to inspire others to heal from their traumas. My Mission as an author is to invoke a deeper thought into our internal worlds by being raw and authentic to my personal story.

I’m passionate about building community, specifically building up young people. I remember what it was like to be a young person with the weight of the world on my chest and no one to help me unload it. I aim to be someone a young person can share with, trust and be inspired by.


”I am safe, I am loved, peace is with me. “


Follow her on Instagram @fisasez to follow her journey.

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