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Last month, I had the honor of speaking at the Hub Dot NYC launch hosted by Anthropologie . Hub Dot was founded by Simona Barbieri around her kitchen table with the intention of bringing people together through the power of storytelling. As a featured storyteller, I spoke about the lessons I learned as a six-year-old girl living in Haiti.

Main Take-Aways From My Talk:

Growing up as a young Haitian American girl, my parents made it a point for us to be proud of our roots, so much so that at the age of six, they relocated us to Haiti. This turned out to be the second greatest gift my parents ever gave to me. I learned many important lessons from living there and today I would like to share two:⁣

  1. You have the power to choose the lens of your story!

    Living in Haiti I witnessed beautiful humans from all walks of life. What moved me the most were those in in seemingly less fortunate situations with the strength to still live life joyfully. They taught me by example that, WE ALWAYS HAVE ACCESS TO A DIFFERENT LENS.

  2.  You always have something to bring to the table! 

    Every Sunday without a doubt we would have a visitor at our house. Wealthy or poor, our guest showed up with an offering of love and in turn, we did the same. As an adult I realize that the lesson I extracted from this practice is that contributing to the world around me has nothing to do with my qualifications or lack of, it is the exercise of realizing what WE ALL HAVE SOMETHING TO BRING TO THE TABLE.

Check-out video footage from my talk below, enjoy!

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Marcia Kim

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