How To Measure Yourself

Hey Tribe,
Need help measuring yourself? We got you, here is a quick blog post walking you through how to measure yourself!  


  • Measure with LOVE, look in the mirror and smile at yourself. Your body serves you in so many ways throughout the day, helping you experience life, so say thank you!  
  • If you can't find a friend to help you measure in front of a mirror, to make sure your tape is straight. 
  • It's tempting to suck in your body when you are measuring yourself, but please do not. Make sure your body is relaxed when measuring yourself. 
  • Pull the tape tight but not too tight. I like to leave enough room to stick a finger in between the measuring tape and my body.
  • When measuring your chest do so with your ideal bra on. If you do not plan on wearing a bra measure without one on.
  • When measuring the waist, look for the natural fold line that happens when you bend over to one side. It should be right above your belly bottom, the smallest portion of your torso. 
  • When measuring your hips, always measure around the roundest/widest portion of your hips/ butt. 
  • When measuring your thigh, eyeball where you are the thickest and do so there! 

Check-out this very helpful video by our friends over at  Poetic Justice who wonderfully displays how to take your measurements.


Still, have questions? Feel free to email us or send us a quick message on IG! 



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