I Spy Tribes In TeaMarrr's One Job Video <3

Hey Tribe,

Back in 2019 when stylist Farr Evet and co-founder of @Vita_mins (an online Consignment shop) requested to pull Tribes for Haitian American R&B, and hip-hop artist TeaMarrr I was supper excited. I wasn’t familiar with her music at the time but when I saw the video I was intrigued with her sound and extremely impressed with the creative direction of the production. Since, I’ve been following her music.

But Tribe do you know what… NEVER SHARED the feature with y’all! IM SO SORRY.

Better late than never, check out the video styled by my talented friend Farr Evet and let us know if you can spot Tribes in the video and check the links below to listen to TeaMarrr newest tracks!

Listen to TeaMarrr’s 2020 New Album

“Before I Spill Myself”

#TeaMarrr #ChasingAmy #BeforeISpillMyself


Stylist | @farrahevita Co-founder of @vita_mins

Musician TearMarrr | @imaliltcup

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