In The Cocoon

Transformation is not linear. I know it seems like we start out in the larvae phase, a little solo caterpillar wandering around trying to find its way, figuring itself out first and then relating to the outside world. In reality, we figure ourselves out in relationship to others. 

We start relating to people from the time we’re born. We learn to smile and talk and walk and behave in ways that receive approval from our family. Then we move onto seeking approval from school, friends, the society we grew up in, the culture of our people groups. Often times we believe we are meant to be what they ask of us. We don’t know who we are without the influence of others. Who are you when you’re alone, just being you? Can you look in a mirror and see the absolute truth of you? 

Or do you only see what you’re supposed to look like? That pimple that is considered “ugly”, the wrinkle beginning to show, the extra 10 pounds? Or maybe you see your failures and all the things you haven’t accomplished yet- the things you were somehow supposed to have by now? The opinions of those around us form the ideas of who we believe we are supposed to be.

This Meta-Morph-OH-Sis journey is about allowing ourselves to blossom and share more of who we truly feel we are. Step 1 is first realize you’re in a cocoon to begin with. The me I know myself to be is inside this shell that’s been created by my parents, family, friends, society, culture, language, skin color, economic standing... So I wonder what happens when I push back on all these walls? Am I the person inside the cocoon? Or is the person that begins to break out of this shell the real me? This is the cocoon stage for me.

As much of a loner as I am, I realize it’s through the brushing up against others that I learn about myself. My friends think a certain way, but I was taught another way. My school told me one thing but my mentor who I admire turns all those concepts on their head. Sometimes the only way we get to know ourselves is by pushing up against those we love, questioning them, listening to them, being open to who they are and how they see things. This is the cocoon stage for me. 

Where do you and I meet. Where are the places where we touch and blend and where are the places that we actually need to be different and express ourselves. We stretch and pull apart and challenge each other, before we can walk out into our own path and define our own transforming. 

So go ahead. Who are you stretching and testing and pushing today? 

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