It's Time To Morph...

2020 Metamorphosis Project

Welcome to the new year Tribe! We hope the first few weeks of 2020 have been good to you, as they have been for us!!

Over the next 12 months Tribes Of Joseph will be exploring the idea of change and transformation, through a project entitled “Metamorphosis”. For me personally I am tired of experiencing the same cycles, habits, and short comings: spiritually, financially, relationally, and physically.

Daily, I am finding the importance of showing gratitude to the universe, and steadily positioning myself to celebrate both the big and small wins - even in the midst of joy there are sorrows and short comings. Should I become frustrated with life taking its course, I’ve come to understand that I am responsible for my current and future reality. So in the slightest moments of stillness, a voice speaks…the voice is from within. I can feel her power and her strength. She will ask for me to transform, so I will leave what I believe to know now and prepare for my future. Just as the caterpillar before the wings. So must I. This is an experiment in self transformation, in 3 parts. Let phase 1 begin.

Phase 1 “Self to World”

Journal Entry No. 1

Dear world,

I cannot find the boundaries between you and I. Where do I start and where do you end? What is reality and what is fiction? How much of my surroundings and relationships is a matrix?

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