"Sister Sister" - Celi

Okay OKAY! 
We’re in a relationship people! Yes, fine! I said it. We are together. 


We spend a lot of time together, and make cool art together, because our conversations usually naturally progress into fun ideas we want to make. And sometimes all you see from the outside are two lovely ladies that hang out a lot, make cool fashion, take trips, sponsor events, love each other and so therefor are clearly in a relationship. 


So yea, it’s true, but it’s not what you think. When you’re truly deeply friends with someone, you become close. And the truth is, this is possibly my most important relationship. Not because we are romantic partners, but because we learn how to be better partners, through each other. 

We are close, and extremely different!!  We used to try to control each other or influence each others actions, to be a little more like each other, but like in most relationships, when you try to change someone, that never work. We always argue about seeing things differently, and instead of continuing to argue forever, we tried a new approach. We began just accepting each other. We still talk things out when we disagree, and often we end up saying something like, “this is not something I love or enjoy about you, it’s something I accept about you.” 


There’s something relieving when the people who love you, allow you to be you. I think this is one of the main reasons why we are such great friends. We give each other the space to be ourselves. And that may seem like a small freedom, yet it’s a rare find. The more space we give each other to explore who we really are inside a relationship, the better we are and the more honest we are when we are going on dates (with actual love interests) and with other people. This friendship has been the biggest gift, because I’ve learned how to be a more loving and supportive partner, and that makes me better in every area of life. And I notice how it’s now made me a more compassionate and more patient lover, to my lover. I’m sure he thanks her for all she has taught me, even though he doesn’t know she’s the one to thank. Loving your friends, and learning to love them no matter what, only teaches you to be a better lover. So yea sure, hopefully we’re all in relationships with each other.

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