The Journal

Here. We don’t just share a finished thought or art piece or idea. We share our process, our questions, our concerns, and the wild thoughts that float around in our heads, that spark the beginnings as we’re creating something new. What does creating art do for us? Hopefully, it transforms us, peals back a layer and we get a little closer to the core of ourselves. We share the process and the thoughts behind the art, because maybe they will spark new inspiration for you. Maybe the same thoughts in our heads lead you to a different destination? Maybe we get to meet up somewhere along the journey?  We hope you enjoy being a part of the process with us. Your input, community, friendship and commenting shapes us and forms us, while we hopefully form/inform you. This is a space for thoughts to be shared, developed and from there to see, what comes when we allow you inside our world, slightly earlier in the process of what we’re building next.


Celi + Marcia

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