"Tribes Of Joseph" A Prophecy For All

Tribe, I am going to let you in on a little secret. The name Tribes of Joseph came to me as a prophecy. I was maybe about 15 sitting at a church when the pastor looked at me with strong conviction and said, “You, Marcia come up here. You will rise higher than the ones you love the most. Your future holds more than you can imagine. You are a Joseph of this generation.” I was an insecure young girl who didn’t feel smart enough, pretty enough or good enough to really belong, let alone excel at anything. And my siblings were already outstanding individuals that I couldn’t imagine surpassing (still working on that no comparison thing to this day). The words the pastor was speaking over my life did not feel as though they belonged to me, but I listened and I clung on to them.

I spent the next few months reading about the story of Joseph. And in short, Joseph was one of 12 siblings, he was favored by his father. and was granted the gift of dream interpretation. Eventually, his brothers sold him into slavery out of jealousy. As a slave, he served one of the most prestigious officials in government and became the head of all of his affairs. That favor caught the eye of the official’s wife who wanted his light so much that she tried to bed him. When Joseph wouldn’t sleep with her she accused him of rape and he was imprisoned. Even in prison, Joseph found favor. His gifts helped deliver an entire nation into a more prosperous future. Tribes of Joseph was founded on the belief that there is a generation of radical thinkers and dreamers, who dream beyond themselves. Dreamers who wish to travel the world and share their love and light. Dreamers who are meant to do something with their dreams! 

Tribes started as a prophecy for 1 but I believe its purpose is to extend far beyond myself. My partner Celi & I are here to support and build a community for these dreamers with the gifts that we have. I, an artist, and her, a radical philosopher are building something new. 

Tribes of Joseph is an ever-evolving idea. It has no true form except it is about building authentic community, empowerment, and growth. It’s about real people and how we bring them together, how we live meaningful and authentic experiences. This isn’t about fashion, this isn’t about a podcast, art shows, and parties - this is about life! I have no idea where Tribes will end up 5 years from now, my only hope is that it touches you. Welcome to the Tribe, try not to get too comfortable!


Marcia Kim - WildChild

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