Why Giving is Good For Your Soul!



Yes, it's that time of year... it's exciting because of course we love fashion and we love shopping and yes all the sales and ads are enticing and sometimes even slightly overwhelming (our bank accounts are feeling it for sure). And yes, we know we're just adding to your list of brands tempting you with great deals and great products. 

But here's the thing, there is something healing and beautiful about giving a gift to someone you care about.  Many spiritual teachings of the world remind us, that sometimes the best way to cheer up, is by reaching out and helping someone else.  It sounds counter-intuitive, we know.  Even the Reiki master's teaching, the more you practice Reiki on someone, the more it benefits you. Because you are the channel and the catalyst for the positive healing energy. and the positive vibes must flow through you first. As you are healing another, you are healing yourself.  This is why so many faith systems tell you to go volunteer and serve others and your community. It's not only good for your community, but it's also actually good for you and personal growth as an even more awesome person. 

So in this spirit, we will be giving away a few of our favorite pieces in the next two weeks.  You can play along by following and checking our Instagram, and you'll have an opportunity to tag friends on our posts.  When you tag a friend, we will select one of your friends randomly, to send a gift to. That way we gave a gift, you gave a gift, and gifting just got a whole lot, well, easier.  Every few days we'll also be featuring special sales on select items at a time. So check it out, and start gifting, or winning.  Both are fun.

Yes, it makes us feel good to be able to give you a gift and to share our passion for women and community through spreading our pieces and our brand to new people. We hope to see you on our Instagram world, and we hope you win a gift for one of your friends. #tribesofjoseph #holidaysales 


With Much Love,



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