What's All This Wild Woman Shenanigan?

Five months ago when we first had the idea of developing the Wild Woman Experience and Collection, Celi and I agreed that we were going to create something as authentic as possible. We owe it to our Tribe to create from a place of honesty, vulnerability, and freedom. So we packed our bags and took a trip to where I feel the freest and in joy with life, Haiti. While we were there, we reflected on our dreams, the world around us and of course OUR TRIBE. 
Who is the Wild Woman, what does she stand for? The Wild Woman is the Woman who's dreams are bigger than her self, she fights for others and has learned that in life she must first love her self in order to love others. She is the woman faces the good and the bad and learns from it. The Wild Woman considers life as a journey. So indeed, this woman is to be celebrated, and that is what we set out to do. 
Check Out this video montage of our last 5 months, and hear from our Tribe and what being Wild means to them. A special thanks to our partner House of Malcolm for directing and shooting our Wild Woman Campaign. 
Much Love,
Tribes of Joseph 

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